Thursday 10 December 2009

More power

Once upon a time, there was a city. Like any other city, rife with crime, tall buildings, similar looking crowd, identical streets and a rich heritage. Just the kind that would need a superhero. A growing population, rapid urbanization had forced a section of the population to resort to socially unacceptable means of income exempli gratia robbery, forgery, burglary and other similar acts. Most of the eminent scientist folk had gone bonkers and were cooking up evil plans of world domination, the billionaires wanted to buy the city so that they could carry out mass demolition for entertainment, people in boring professions like teaching, tailoring and white collar stuff had taken up the hobbies like asking wierd riddles and sticking axes in peoples' skulls etc. But, the biggest menace that was raising head was the evil monster called "Auto rickshaw". It could throw traffic into complete chaos in a single blink. It cut across busy streets, sowing fear in the hearts of school-going children, law-abiding citizens and old ladies crossing streets with their wobbly feet and meek hearts.

It would jump straight in your face, from the least expected nooks and crannies. It could turn around 180 degrees standing at its place. It would brush past you, rubbing your shoulder and depositing fear in your veins.

The crowd was scared... they needed someone to stand up for them... as the auto rickshaw crooned in a scary tune, sitting, smiling, ready to pounce.

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