Monday 8 February 2010

Valentine's Day Special

Well, well, well.... Valentine's day is here. Time for the preparations! It's the perfect time for spreading love and fraandship! Just a week before the actual day, the brigade starts celebrating 'rose day', 'propose day', 'chocos day' and what not! Love just happens on the fourteenth day of February. High chances are that it will happen to you if you are jobless, are bunking classes and have been ogling at a cute 'ladies' ever since you family disowned you.

Valentine's day means a lot to those who are actually in love and it's a special occasion to let your other half know that you couldn't imagine life without their support and love. But, it means a hell lot more to those who haven't found love. It's about the hunt! It's about the famously frustrated females and males who are dying without a jee-eff and bee-eff!

It's not like I am a hypocrite or something who thinks 'making frandsip' is so uncool. On the contrary, I was actually almost one of them some time ago, so, I know the inside story. Now. don't you want a scoooop, dah-ling?

Ok, I'll narrate it in the form of a story, a surprisingly short one-

There was a guy and there was a girl. The girl was charming and sweet (and yea, she was awfully fair and couldn't inhale oxygen without the aid of maskara and lip gloss!) There is nothing wrong with being fair but being told "Oh you are so fair, I envy you" over and over again makes you think like you worked hard for this complexion... or like when God was handing out complexions, you murdered two people and severely injured three others to attain this complexion. Now that's bad.

The guy was nice, he oiled his hair daily, spent a considerable amount of time in front of the mirror to get his smile right. Ah! The joy of a perfect *clink* smile! The guy had frands, and his frands had girl frands. The girl also had frands, and they had boi frands. Love was in the air. For the boy it was somewhere in his hair.

The boy used to look at the girl from the corner of the cornermost corner of the city. The girl used to 'notice' him. When the girl used to walk, the boy used to chase her. It was so sweet.

One day the guy got the girl's number and he called her. She picked up the phone and the guy said "I love you"!

There! Right there! Cupid strikes!

The girl blushes but she has to be decent, right? She asks "How come? I don't even know you." The guy says, "I don't know, ever since I have seen you.... *blah blah blah* *Sorry to all the readers, I actually slept through their conversation so, can't report it word to word*

But, the gist is- The girl doesn't trust the guy so, she lets the guy clarify his feelings over a cup of coffee.

The next day, the girl and boy are having coffee together and are munching on sumptuous lumps of "LOVE"


I believe in love now.... no, really! Truly, I do!


  1. Dear friend,
    is it so easy to convince a girl? i think no..,girl is the most complex creature created by god. you can't predict what's going in her mind.well the guy who won the heart of the girl by only this much effort is lucky.

  2. *leaves a smile on my face :)*

  3. Dear Subhash, this is supposed to be a sarcastic blog. It's not about true love.

  4. wish i find true love too

    your story made love seem easy

    happy V-day!

  5. Hey! You guys are getting it all wrong! It's an anti-love story!!

  6. This one too.. Damn Hilarious.. Especially the line.. 'Love was in the air. For the boy it was somewhere in his hair.' .. Good work there yaa.. Keep it up!


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