Friday 16 April 2010

The story of a bunny!

In a jungle, lived a rabbit, a ball of fur with shiny eyes and long fluffy ears. It roamed around with no fear; open in the fields, unprotected. Sheer coincidence and luck got it out of wolves' claws, crocodiles' jaws and all other wicked things.

There was this one time... the rabbit was hopping about the meadows, unafraid, undeterred and perhaps unaware of the predators around. Fearlessness is a strange thing, it might arise either from courage or lack of knowledge but, it sows seeds of fear in the heart of the most powerful adversary. The fear of "why, isn't he afraid"; the unknown.

A fox was peeping through the tall grass, cunning and calculative; evil to the core. It wanted to stick its sharp, pointed canines in the soft, juicy flesh of the rabbit... mmm... but, wait a second, we see another fox; from the opposite end, waiting with identical intentions to pounce on the all unknowing bunny.

Coincidences occur fairly commonly given the odds of their occurrence! Both of the predators happened to jump in the scene at almost exactly the same time. The rabbit, out of the unnatural instinct it had developed, kept on munching on the grass in the fields, undeterred and now, pretending to be unaware. The foxes looked at each other and then at the rabbit and then again at each other. A sudden breeze of hostility blew in the static air.

The cunning that ran in the veins of foxkind forbade any of the two vixens from taking a step forward. Instead, one of them moved one step back smelling a trap. The second one took two steps back smelling something fishy and the next moment, both of the clever foxes disappeared in the bushes.

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