Saturday 10 March 2012

The dreaded Eleven Questions Tag!!

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I’ve been Tagged ! The 11 questions! Yes, the bone-chilling, spirit shaking eleven questions have been asked to me.

Thank you Rahul for tagging me! 
The Rules:

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 (7 here) questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Ok, now since I am quirky, I'll do this my style. Ok, Let's first go to the 11 things about me-

1. I am lazy. Here is me doing my favorite activity. (Well, sort of.. ok one of my most fav)

2. I am a cyber addict. I am one of those guys who need to get out and see the world instead of chipko-ing to the internet!

3. I comb my hair with a broken comb! ('cause I'm too lazy to buy a new one)

and also...
4. I am broke most of the times, my bike is always in reserve!

(yes, tilt your head because I'm too lazy to rotate this photo)

5. I always tend to overdress!
(yes, that's me going to the loo)

6. I eat a lot of chips and biscuits! A lot!!
(that's my hostel room's dustbin)

7.  My room is a mess! My table looks something like this-
my table- my study table

Ok, 7 is enough, right? Even Shakespeare said, what's in the number? Or something like that! :-P Nothing else is coming to mind. Ok, for the sake of the tag, I'll go for it-

8. I am camera conscious. Make weird faces in front of the camera.
9. I want to become a full time cartoonist for a newspaper or somthing.
10. I am an eternal romantic.
11. I am moody! Very moody!!

Now coming to the next part of the tag-

1.       What are you passionate about?
          Easy one. I am passionate about poetry, cartoons, acting, anything that lets me express myself. I like          expressions!

2.       Cinema and Politics. What do they mean to you?
          Cinema is a way of living. I am a very filmy person. Movies have taught be everything- from love,  comedy, life-values, emotions, relationships- everything I have learnt is from bollywood movies. Politics is just a topic so that people don't run out of subjects to talk about.

3.       One good thing you want to happen in India, for people – Long term?
          Equal opportunities for everyone!

4.       One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Long term?
          A hedonistic lifestyle, holidaying in Miami, filthy rich... doing what I love!

5.       One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Short term?
          I want all the pain from my love-life to go away.

6.       A frank thing you want to say about one of the bloggers here?
          I think it'd be unfair for me to say anything as I don't know anyone personally here. Ok, if you put a gun to my head, I'll say Sujatha is quite frank. Also Nyx is quite open with her feelings.

7.       Belief in God?
          Haven't seen the guy.

8.       One thing you would surely do to uplift this poor country?
          There's nothing I'd surely do!

9.       One secret about you?
          I am a sucker for comments. But come on, who isn't?

10.   Do you hold any regrets in your life?
        Yes! (Question wasted)

11.   Adventure if any in life…lets count:
        Mm... too many to list. Yeh blog chhota pad jayega uske liye.

Ok now here are the candidates I have chosen-

1. Nyx
3. Saru
4. Kajal
5. Deepak
6. Devan
7. Arti
8. Sujatha
10. Sumitra

And your questions are-

1- What was your favourite toy as a child?
2- What is one thing that you wouldn't like to happen to even your worst enemy?
3- What one thing would you like to see happening to your worst enemy?
4- Do you really think these tags are fun?
5- Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
6- Your favourite city to live?
7- If Batman, Superman and Spider-man are in a three-way battle, who do you think will win? And why?
8- What do you think about Mahatma Gandhi?
9- Who do you think deserves to be the next prime minister of India?
10- What is meant by true love? In one sentence.
11- What do you think about dentists?

Ok... have fun! Peace out!!


  1. ok, dunno how it works, but will give it my best shot, looks like fun, yeah. and liked those 11 points about urself. thanx a lot for the tag. happy tagging :D

  2. Hi Abhyudaya; Thanks a lot for tagging.I loved this post. You have nice blog..keep rocking !!

  3. liked the way you did the '7 things about yourself' part - differently :) Amusing!

    thanks for the tag and as for the questions, lemme answer the last one - i think dentists make a lot of money, way way lots! don't know the truth though :D

    1. Haha... thanks. All I want is to amuse you, my audience. Dentists- well we do overcharge but not always. All fingers of the hand are not the same...

  4. Very interesting questions and equally interesting answers as well! Many Thanks for passing on the tag too :)

  5. That's quite an interesting post and I am also very lazy...:)

    Thanks for tagging me...:)


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