Monday 4 February 2013

Why do I love her?

Before actually sitting down to write this, I was under the impression that this would be the simplest thing to write about, being so close to my feelings. Turns out- it isn't. I love her but don't exactly know why. Maybe because my thinking and reasoning abilities aren't at their best at the moment or maybe because if I knew *why* I loved her, it wouldn't be called "love" then. I just love her because I love her. I don't love or couldn't have loved any other girl because any other girl wouldn't have been her.

I love her 'cause she deserves to be loved. She is love personified. I can feel her heartbeat when she talks to me, I know her. I know that behind that young girl there is a sensible, mature lady. When she whispers those three magical words in my ears, my heart takes a plunge. She says- "I love you." and I close my eyes, take a deep breath as my heart stops beating and freezes in the moment; goosefleshes run through my skin. My heart sinks deeper in my chest, as if firmly announcing its victory over other realms of my thought sphere.
I love her because I know I can be all that she needs. I can swap skins with her, I can be her and no one will spot my camouflage. I know her from within. When I close my eyes, I hear her; when I open my eyes, my eyes search for her. When I do anything, her happiness remains my top priority. I want her to get happier by every breath I take. I just want to make her the happiest girl on earth and I know nothing else.

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