Wednesday 29 May 2013

My WeChat Group!

Here is a link to WeChat's YouTube channel-

1.       Batman – 
Well, who wouldn’t want the world’s greatest billionaire cum vigilante on their WeChat group? I have been a fan ever since childhood and would love to get the latest updates from him as he goes around kicking criminals’ butts. Imagine this chat-

Me- Hey Batty, what’s up?

Batman- brb, Robin just set off the security alarm. So stupid, this one. I think I am gonna fire him.


Batman- sdhgskjghskl dfs      dfsfd         dfdsfd dfg

Me-  What was that?

Batman (couple mins later)- Ah, nothing . Was banging Joker’s head on the keyboard.

Also, I’d love to read his statuses like- “Diffusing a bomb. Gotham city, hold your breath!” or “Chasing the riddler, I just hope for once he talks to me without puzzles.”

2.       Tintin- 

There’s no greater way to learn than to learn through travelling. Tintin is always upto some adventure. It’d be so much fun if he keeps the group updated with his latest adventures, taking us through the dark caves, steep cliffs, underworld mafia’s den and all other mysterious places of his interest. On a side note, I’d also love to see his Foursquare check-in counter as he keep trotting the globe. He could keep fighting adversities as the rest of us would bite our nails and sit on the edges of our seats. Waiting for the next message.

Tintin- OMG! This huge ball of fire is coming in my direction!

All of us- *gasp*

Tintin- I don’t know where to go run. The walls are closing in!

All of us- *gasp*

Tintin- Ah the floor moved. Survived somehow!!

All of us- *gulp* *sigh* *gasp*

3.       Amitabh Bachchan- 

With his social media savvy antics on twitter and tumblr. I think he is one of those people who have the ability to keep in touch no matter what. It’d be fun to have him on the group so that we can compliment him to our hearts’ content when he posts a new entry, wins an award or simply acts in a new movie. With years of wisdom, he can also guide Batman in times of self-doubt. He can be a great mentor to all of us.

4.       Cupid- 

The God of Lovvve. I have always wondered what goes on in his mind when he makes unusual pairs and how does the whole concept of love work? How great would it be if the God of love himself showed up to answer our queries.

Cupid- Just made a doctor fall in love with his patient. This should be interesting.

Me- But, why would you do that? That’d be so complicated and difficult.

Cupid- Well, like life, love is complicated and difficult. You just need to figure a few things out. Set your priorities and shun practicality if the need arises.

Me- Erm… there’s this girl in my class. I really like her. Can you do something about it?

Cupid- Well…..

5.       KFC’s Colonel Sanders

I am a self confessed foodie and I love and admire great recipes and what better than the greatness of the Colonel's world famous recipe. If we are any lucky, the colonel might even divulge his recipe on the group chat. There might be some other recipes that he has been keeping from the world that might come out inadvertently. Fingers crossed.

6. Ronald McDonald

Well, the colonel is no fool. He won't tell us all his recipes just like that! He'd need provocation and I think this clown can provide that. Also the repartee between to two of them who also happen to be professional rivals, can be the fodder for some laughs in the group.

 7. Rajnikanth

Well, there has to be Rajnikanth everywhere. That's the rule. Mind it!!

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