Tuesday 11 February 2014

I want to study Sociology in Britain (Contest)

Though I am a dentist by profession and Britain offers many great opportunities in the field of healthcare and medicine, if it was left upto me to choose which course I'd get to pursue in the country- I'd without any second thoughts pick a master's degree in Sociology or Anthropology from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). I have always been interested in humanities as a kid and I without any doubt LSE is home to some of the greatest minds and ideas of our times. With 16 Nobel winners and around 6 Pulitzer prize winners among their alumni, they boast of a rich, shining heritage.

London School of Economics Coat of Arms.svg

Founded in 1895 by Fabian society members which included George Bernard Shaw, this university follows the motto of "Rerum cognoscere causas" which is Latin for "To Understand the Causes of Things". This scientific outlook in its ideology coupled with the majesty of British architecture in its buildings makes it a lucrative study option. As an Indian, I have special reverence for this temple of learning because of the many leaders and thinkers it has churned out for us. Shri KR Narayanan, our former President had done his graduation from here. When we go back to India at the time of the birth of it's modern day avatar, we count Dr Ambedkar as one of our founding fathers and yes, he was a product of LSE. Other prominent Indian personalities from there are Jyoti Basu, Krishna Menon and Feroze Gandhi.

It also provides a great platform for those interested in doctoral researches as it has a research grant that might make other universities of the World jealous. I'd love to be called a scholar one day, one who has studied in this splendid school of learning with the most amazing faculty and infrastructure one can be offered. These are not sandcastles in the sand however; I am an aspiring civil servant with my optional subject as Sociology. I do wish to take this dream forward if permitted by the Indian Government and study in this reputed studies to excel in the field of Social Sciences. I have so many idols to look up to and so many perspectives to inculcate within myself. I do believe that I will lifelong be a student and that's why I dream of acquiring knowledge and wisdom from one of the topmost universities of Britain, nay, World! Oh, and did I forget to mention- It has a huge library!

Anthony Giddens is a revered name in Sociology and as we speak, I am studying his concepts of structuration- agency versus structure; there is nothing but respect in my mind for this great mind and, he is a Professor emeritus in the same university!! Heck, this is the alma mater of Talcott Parsons! Whose theories of functionalism reshaped the landscape of sociology forever. His concepts of "social action" and the much decorated "AGIL scheme" are hardly alien to any sociology student or enthusiast. With such big names in its list, I don't think there is even chance of a moment of doubt when it comes to choosing a university of social sciences in general and sociology in particular.

Anthony Giddens
Bronislaw Malinowski, eminent anthropologist and functionalist

I am thankful to Indiblogger for letting me express my view here. Also, do check out the British Council's Knowledge Is Great Website to know more. Here is the link- http://knowledgeisgreat.in/

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