Saturday 3 May 2014

Nothing wrong with being crazy

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It was the time of the 2011 world cup and the day India brought the cup home with Dhoni's helicopter shot. The moment is etched in every Indian fan's memory and I too have my story about it. I was sitting in the common hall of my hostel watching the match with the hollering and hooting of more than 500 students and mess-workers. There was no South Indian- North Indian, religion based or any other divide as cricket was our religion and we were its followers.

But as the innings reached its end, the people on the front benches got excited and stood up. That blocked the view for us back benchers and it became quite difficult in the darkness of the common hall to make ourselves heard. The crowds were going mad and so were we, now in order to watch the match, I jumped like a kangaroo, hopping up and down until the last bowl was bowled, with no mercy to my calf muscles or toes. After Dhoni hit that shot, we all hugged as if it was us in the field playing and winning. Such is the magic of cricket. I danced and celebrated with people that I did not know that day but it was cricket and it was world cup. I later realized that I might have hugged some people I had some grudges against and for that moment, there was no past, no history, only present and only victory. Cricket is India's respite. You can imagine how cricket is more than just a game in India.

Talking about the new website, they have done some excellent work for the Indian fan who is always looking to just 'watch the match' any way possible. They have the fastest scoreboard and now you can be the geek even in office, work or even in slow traffic-- telling everyone the score! You'll the go-to guy to so many followers! They also have the zip clips where they show the snippets from the matches, which matter the most, the exciting moments etc, your one stop destination but wait there's more! You have cool features like Action recap and Infografix for a more complete cricket viewing experience. Also... if that wasn't enough, you can also watch the match live deferred by just five minutes, online!! They have kind of just slapped the competing sports channels out of the stadium for a six. :P Check 'em out! And keep rollin'!

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