Sunday 3 August 2014

How I solved the #WhatTheBlack mystery

Ok, so as you might not be knowing, I am a a bit of a detective. And I did happen to solve successfully the puzzle by the blogadda people. Here is presenting a short sketch of how I did it!

By the by, it must not be any mystery by now that #WhatTheBlack is the Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Toothbrush. Priced at Rs 60, it is an amazing product.

Day 1, I got this mysterious black box which got me thinking. What could it be?

It turned out to be an egg. What? A black egg? It seemed like an interesting clue. So, the answer lies in somehing which is normally white but is now black -- yes that was my first thought.

As I cracked open the shell, I saw chocolate and the plot had just thickened... I knew it was gonna be a tough case to crack

 I thought really hard about it and then I just licked it because a good detective has to get his hands/ tongue dirty on the job. It was .... YUMMY!

I thought about washing the egg and then maybe the clue will reveal itself and OMG! There it was! It turned purple!! Which meant...

Absolutely nothing. So I just took out a plate and ate it.

While tasting the chocolate the answer to the riddle came to me.

But I forgot what it was due to the amazing taste...

Over the next two days, I got clues like black paper cup, black newspaper, black tissue paper and keeping the recurring theme in mind, I figured out the solution. Here is how-

Yes, my deduction was kinda aided by the word "colgate" on the last day's dispatch receipt but nevertheless! I decoded it! (A little bit of googling might have helped me there)

It was elementary my dear Watsons!

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