Saturday 12 December 2015

Set up shop online with

Who doesn't like some cash for the hard work they do?

We live in the era of startups. Talent has begun to flow everywhere and time is of essence. In such times, it makes sense to setup a free online shop and cater to the demands of the global marketplace. is one such easy to use platform which helps you not only create an online shop, but also helps you build a free facebook shop.

Signup- by clicking here

The need for a website or app that helps entrepreneurs with small business promotions and marketing has long been felt. fills that void with efficiency and sincerity.

It helps you create a store for your business in a jiffy. It is the perfect tool to make money online. All you have to do is go to the website and sign up.

To try out, I too created a webstore for my cartoons on it.

MY STORE- Visit the link

The above is the online store I created with the help of ezebee.

Here, I can sell my cartoons to people who want to decorate their greeting cards, presentations, eCards and projects. I draw customized cartoons and get paid for it.

I can also be a part of the growing online community and have a global outreach with the help of the website.

The businesses that have a distinct local flavour but a universal appeal can find their niche on ezebee. It really simplifies the process of selling and buying online. I would recommend all arts and crafts fans to subscribe to the website and become a part of the revolution.

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