Friday 15 January 2016

5 things which show that you are a logophile.

A logophile is someone who loves words. Words, which are nothing but just sounds filled with meaning. Is it possible to fall in love with them?
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Well, there is much more to words than just meaning or just sound. Every word has its smell, its memory. Its whiff sends your mind back to the times when you first heard it and learned its meaning. Words are beautiful. Word by word, we become human, lovers, writers. A lover of words is always sincere because, he knows the power his word holds. He knows that he must keep his word. Logophiles make the most honest lovers and the most gentle beings. Here are some ways you can find out if you are one-

1. You treat books with respect.
Well, it is one thing to be a reader but, not everyone understand that a book deserves the dignity of a shelf. On a warm winter afternoon, when you want to pick out Premchand's Gaban for a laid back reading session, you want to take it out from a neatly arranged shelf. 
If you have to pull it from a wobbly stack and dust it by smacking it against the wall, you may not be a logophile. You may as well put the book aside and turn on the TV. Because you are gonna do that in half an hour anyway.

2. Whenever you see someone preserving words, it warms you up
When you see someone taking out newspaper cuttings and sticking them in a neat scrapbook, you inadvertently begin to adore that person. When you get to know that a person keeps a personal journal, you start respecting them a bit more. Well, you are a logophile then!

3. You can't post social media updates just for the heck of it!
We have all been through that phase where we just want to vent. You type long meaningless rants and end up backspacing it all. Just because you know that once you hit 'publish'. it will be out there. And you cannot let words which are insincere, witless or nonsensical just float out there. Especially not when the origin is you!

4. You take words seriously.
As someone who appreciates the gravity of the spoken word, you tend to take commitments seriously. You try to remain punctual. You understand others' tone when they say things to you. You pay attention to the word selection.The apologies, the gratitude, everything means something to you. Logophiles understand emotions better.

5. You are perceptive. 
When someone doesn't want to talk about something, you get the hint quickly. Reading makes you wiser and you get adept at reading between the lines. It is not just the words which merit your attention, it is also about the spaces and pauses between the lines. You can sense people who are not on the same page as you and you adapt to them. You do not pressure them into being like you.

Because you know that love for words is not something one chooses, it is the words- they have chosen us!

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