Monday 5 October 2009

Windy day (continued)

Suddenly, she realized that the sound of her footwear striking the mud was not alone in stirring the otherwise lone street. She, froze, not out of fear but out of curiosity... to see who was following. As she turned back, she saw nothing. Her eyes searched the crossroads to ascertain the finding. After giving it little thought, she carried on with her puddle hopping spree. A moment later, she again heard splashes of water of the exact same frequency behind her. It was spooky this time. She wanted to turn back and check but, from within, she didn't really. It was a sunny day, and those sort of things happen in the middle of the night, in complete dark and all that. But, this wasn't a lonely street, the traffic did resume in the form of one or two bicycles which were chased down to the limit of human eyesight of the topography of the street by the vacuum which had started to haunt little Mary.

She really wished it was something funny. Some law of physics or some error of hearing but, currently it was the biology of human brain that was driving her nuts. She...

To be continued

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