Saturday 3 October 2009

Windy Day


It was a cold, windy afternoon. It had just rained and pools of mud had been created to acknowledge the attempts of rain Gods to derail the normalcy flowing through the veins of the city. Mary, a young, dreamy girl just about the age when you are bordering between gullible and worldly mature was taking a walk. She hated the rains. She couldn't handle the tackiness but, was to outdoorsy to just sit at home. Anyway, it had tested her patience to an extent. She had postponed her short walks till today. It had not stopped raining until now since last friday and today was wednesday.

Coming back to the walk, she was hopping across puddles with a smile on her face. Apparently the joy of coming out had overridden the tackiness of mud.


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  1. Hurry and continue!! Will she slip and fall in the mud? Will she meet her true love? Will she break a tooth and have to see a "specialist?" What? What?

    (((( HUGS ))))


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