Tuesday 21 February 2012

100% Real- The Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest

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I have grown up in a small town and have had many "real" experiences. The best part is the unadulterated love and the feeling of a well-knit family. Here, I'd like to share with you some of the "real" experiences of my life.

The caring grandfather.
My grandfather is a very caring and loving soul. He used to watch out for me all the time and used to panic whenever I used to fall or collide. He still does but, now I am a big boy and he knows that I can take care of myself. He still is generous with his words of caution and I soak it all in because I know it's his love speaking. When I had newly learned riding the bicycle, I used to ride in my colony and it was ok, but the first time I wanted to take it to my school and "show off", he was worried. He gave me his word of caution and I heard him, took mental notes, I was nervous too. When I set off in the morning for school, I heard the sound of his Luna, turned around to see that he was ready to come with me. He drove by side, watching out and taking care of me. I still can't forget that day.

The helpful strangers
This one also involves me and my bicycle. I was crossing the road once on my cycle when a motorbike ran into me and I lost my balance, my bike fell and I fell on ground- wrist first! Soon there was a crowd. A shopkeeper came with an ice-pack, another shopkeeper from the nearby store took me to his shop, made me sit and calmed me down. I see accidents happening today and people not doing a thing to help the strangers. Times- they are a-changing!

The Diwali cleaning
Every year, on diwali, me and my Dad climb up the attics and clean up all the dust to please Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The cloth-piece across our nose, the broom cleaning up spider-webs from the nooks and crannies, the way we work as a team, sharing that special bond and the love toward our abode- make this experience 100% real.

My stubborn childhood
I was an undemanding, simple kid as a child but there is one blot on my record. Once we were on a trip, I was some 3-4 years old and we went to visit a family. In their home, there was a toy dog neatly kept in the drawing room shelf! I don't remember it but my parents tell me that I threw a huge tantrum until the toy was taken out and given to me. I still have that dog with me, at my home. It stays in the drawing room shelf looking at me, telling me that I wasn't a 100% real good boy! I don't know why but that feeling makes me warm from inside.

There are many such stories that I can go on and on about but, I must conclude here that life is as real as you make it. Being true to oneself will make your every experience real. So, love truly and live happily.


  1. Perfect memories - I loved the bits with your father and grandfather :) I do hope you will read my childhood experience with nature and share your views :)


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