Saturday 11 November 2006

Crushed Again!

Well, this is a follow up post to what I wrote earlier in this series but, I realize that it has been a while since the last time I wrote something here so, no one is actually going to read it. So, let me just to talk to myself about my childhood crushes. Two down, many more to go! Let's begin-

Well, she never really was a crush of mine but, now as I look back and think, I realize that she perhaps was mmm.... or maybe not. Tomboyish, intelligent and confident is what comes to mind when I think of her. Again, as I think more, I think of her as a friend more than a crush; loving her doesn't really come to mind.... so yea, she was perhaps just a great friend; well, she wasn't that close to me but I think she thinks like a guy which is good.

I almost saw every girl in my class cry but never her. She dressed like boys, had a boyish haircut but, you could tell her from a million boys. She had a million dollar smile and cute deep dimples to go with it. She was daughter of my English teacher who I absolutely revere.
When I think of her, I think of the day our results were announced and there were some mistakes made by our class-teacher Mr. S K Gupta in the marks calculation. Apparently, she went for re-calculation and discovered that she got more marks than me!

At the school gate, she told me that she was the class-topper after the re-evaluation. I don't remember my response to that but, I am sure it wasn't negative because I was too humble to wrestle for marks. She wanted me to meet the class teacher and clear things up but, I didn't pay attention. She grabbed me by wrist as the class-mates frowned, smiled and laughed and literally dragged me to the class-teacher. No, she didn't over-power me; I was just too taken aback to put up resistance.

After her father got transferred and she moved, I almost forgot about her, then one day, came a phone call- and her picture flashed before my eyes. How did she (I mean her Dad) get my number? I don't know but I dare not to forget her again.

Never really got to interact with her but I grew real possessive of her (without talking to her EVAR!) in a short period of one year. She was beautiful, and perhaps this was a physical attraction but who cares? I liked her. I'll remember her most for the silent days. When she was the only girl to come to school and I was one of the only boys. Exams were near so, everybody else was bunking classes. I'd mimic teachers and Hindi film heroes and she'd, despite her futile attempts to curb the smile, grin from ear to ear... looking in the other direction, trying not to be noticed.

I'd secure seats near her in the library, laboratory, computer lab just to catch that one moment. I was always good with eye-contacts, I think.

More later....