Tuesday 6 March 2007

Cerebral Warts

This post is titled "cerebral warts" because it constitutes of warts that are.... well... "cerebral" as in "the virtual outgrowths of thoughts from my tiny intelligence".... yea baby! I like abstract terms.

Ok, time for the outgrowths to show up-

As someone brought it to my notice-- I have something in me that lets people share bits of their own selves with me. So, pondering over what "it" might be, I am about to get lost in this gigantic cerebral jigsaw puzzle. Come with me and I'll try 'n show you around what goes on in my brain factory. The main difficulty is going to be that the narrator of the scene is the same person who wrote the scene i.e. my brain so, the views are going to be very biased and the outlook is going to be *very* restricted. You can compare this post to a painter describing his own art while having in the back of his mind the fact that every critic might be seeing his art differently.

Anyways, enough abstract stuff. Here is what I think-

The reason why I think folks are comfortable being their own selves with me (I am not sure how to put it in a better way) is because I wear no faces and I, contrary to popular practice, enjoy the path more than the destination.

As Ruskin Bond (my favorite author) believes and I'll paraphrase ('cause I don't remember his exact words):- the fun is not in reaching the cliff quickly and coming back down with another mission in mind; it is in enjoying your path and appreciating the butterflies AND the rough rocks on your way.

My point hasn't come out clear yet. My point was that I love and enjoy my mistakes as much as my successes (rocks and butterflies example). Of course, it feels bad when you goof up but if you let it be known to others that you've goofed up or are about to goof up... something.... some virtual energy gets transmitted into you. The energy roots from others who know that you are prone to embarrassing/ boring/ weird situations just like they are. C'mon, that's what makes us humans.... we all are (prone to breaking down in situations of different kinds). This energy that others give you, strengthens you and provides you with the courage to stand up again and fight.

But, the transfer is not a one-sided affair. Once you receive the courage to make mistakes, others hold you in debt (not consciously). They make you pay for it by watching them make mistakes. The energy you give them lets them laugh at themselves which is the ultimate favour they can do for their own selves and also others.

Please note that this is not a conscious decision. This cannot be a conscious decision, actually. I did not plan anything, neither did I think before making friends. Cerebral warts have a limit and they cannot grow out and show up on your head. It just happened and I am lucky to have it happen with myself and my friends.

So yea, next time someone calls you "stupid", "an idiot" or "silly".... I guess, you should take it as a compliment.

OK.... I guess, it's enough for now. If you've made it till this end of my post, there is something seriously wrong with you (which is a good thing).

Comments saved that later got deleted by mistake-

Dazrah said...

I am overjoyed to know that there is something seriously wrong with me & am literally giddy in having you as my friend! Great Wart…thanks for sharing

2:52 PM, December 04, 2006

Anonymous said...

I have something seriously wrong too.........
I love your writing...I expext to say someday I knew you when. Hugs & bloggy Love =)

6:11 PM, December 04, 2006