Thursday 21 June 2012

The Story Of Angry Birds.

*I have no creative rights over the Angry Birds and this post is more like a tongue-in-cheek write-up to kill some time*

Also, if you've been visiting my toon blog- Creaky Noises Doors Make, you might have noticed that I've been a bit too obsessed with the Rovio-owned game for a while. Hoping that y'all bear with me as I battle my addiction.

Here is the original story for the ones interested-

Now for the fake story-

1. Red Bird's Story-
This one is the angriest of the lot and understandably so. It happened to a diligent student at its school, working its way up the merit list. One fine day, a piggie came in, disguised as an education reformer. He abolished the grading system and replaced it with a format where the students will be ranked on the basis of the number of legs that they possess and the roundness of their snout. This system clearly favoured the piggies and the red bird has been burning with rage ever since. Although like most students, it has no special powers.

2. Yellow Bird's Story-
This bird is both angry and in a hurry. Its story begins in the corridors of Indian bureaucracy. As a kid, it always wanted to be a pilot. It trained, trained really hard and acquired all the skills a jet pilot could need. Ready with all the paperwork, it came to the office of the government monkeys. Its file is still buried in the dust of slackery and inefficient systems of data transfer. As the monkey stared at the computer screen in the office and asked it to wait for four hours or come tomorrow, it got angry; but the monkeys are in no hurry.

3. Green Bird's Story

This bird has the power of the boomerang i.e. it can turn back and reach the starting point from where it started. It was a mellow happy bird before being hit by the train reservation system of the IRCTC. Its sister- the blue bird had given birth to triplets.

And it wanted to visit her and share the joy. It went to the IRCTC website and was immediately shown the door as the site was infested by the ticket mafia. The agents who had booked all the tickets illegally were now selling them at double price. It logged into the site again and again only to be boomeranged back to square one. It too has been angry ever since.

4. Black Bird's Story

This one was a mellow birdie with an artistic knack. It painted cartoons and published them in newspapers. All was well until a piggie took offence to the shape of the snout of a pig drawn by the black bird in one of its cartoons. The piggie held an office in the cabinet. He made the black bird apologize publicly; later on, he set it on explosives and tried to blast it to death. The bird has been seeking revenge ever since.

More later.