Friday 6 March 2009

What not to do in love- Part 1

She was his best friend ever since they first talked. They shared and cared just like true friends do, they knew each others' secrets, could talk till the end of the world and basically shared a fairly marvelous relationship. At times she'd ask him, knowing his heart-on-sleeves nature, whether he expected this relationship to transform into "a relationship." He'd outright deny it not to answer her but to avoid the embarrassment of saying "yes." Self respect is a funny thing. It makes you smile on being slapped and snap on being told a joke... it doesn't let you be yourself- your self respect!

Stealing glances is one of the stupid things they used to indulge in. I mean, c'mon, if you wanna stare at someone's face, do it in a way it doesn't look like you're deriving some sick pleasure out of it. Lovers are perverts... not that they were lovers, but... their friendship could have very well lead them to the unsafe waters of ocean called love.

Other stupid things include-- expecting phone calls at 2 am in the night, blaming each other for everything bad that happened to them... and the list goes on.

One day, the guy "decided" that he was in love. Enough is enough!

He went up to the girl, shameless, no blushes... and said he "thought" he was in love with her. She was amused; which was slightly embarrassing to the guy. She didn't like where he was taking their relationship, she knew it wasn't love; for her the guy could be anyone but a lover! A good friend, a special friend, brother... anything! The guy, on the other hand, was trying to get the birdie inside a cage. Cage of love!

He realised it wasn't to be. Thought he should curb these thoughts if he wanted the life to go back on the routine track.... tricky business. The thoughts haunted him day in and day out.... almost one year passed with the ghost of love.

One year later.... she found someone who looked good, smiled a lot and made love seem a little less crime-like. Our loverboy was left grumbling. He too moved on though...

Lesson: Love is not a crime. Don't let your girl feel otherwise. Love is to be proposed, not to be confided!

Thursday 5 March 2009

Story thus far....

Ok... It's about time the regular doses showed some regularity... As you can guess, there's nothing of much consequence going on in my life... my b'day just passed by, my sweetheart friends got me certain touching presents... and I got at ease with my ahem... ex... *ahem*.... and did a few mischiefs here and there in college.

Anyway, I have a plan of a series .... of blog entries... it's fiction, it's romantic and it's humourous. Don't know how it will go but it is all based on the dictum that one should never take himself so seriously that life starts taking itself seriously. The dictum is mine of course!

See subsequent blog entries for consequences....