Tuesday 30 December 2008

Last Blog Of the Year 2008

Hey 2008, you've been a great company thus far.... but just as I betrayed 2007 and fell in your lap... I must betray you for my mistress that I have secretly been thinking of: 2009. I know I am a dog, I know, I know.

Anyway... I'll remember you. You've been an year of self-realization. Whew! You almost turned me into an out and out emo! I rode through sea waves, touched (well, almost!) the corals... stayed on islands... traveled through all kinds of terrains... so, basically you were an year of travel; both geographically and psychologically. And yet, I can't say... Boy! Have I come a long way or not! 'Cause, I have not! I am still there. Maybe an inch or two deeper in the mud with cow-dung flung over my face and no mirror to laugh at myself.

I thank you for being an year of experiences. I maintain that an experience- no matter bad or good- is an experience. I don't thank you for throwing the realization over and over again to my face that I am not God, I cannot be God and I don't like the guy who's on the job at the moment 'cause frankly, he's pathetic at it. Terrible! And no, Santa didn't come this year either! Blah!

Hoping 2009 would be a little more terror-free, peaceful and would at least fetch me a loving girlfriend and some trustworthy friends.

Addition: ....And a bike!

Additional addition: ... A Sports bike! A stylish one!

Additional additional addition: .... A Yamaha FZ to be specific.

Saturday 27 December 2008

Note to self!

I have started viewing life and people in a different light altogether. My outlook is changing and I am so darn proud of this transition- this coming of age. Happiness is something that hides behind your skin. Some jokes that get under your skin can be brushed under the carpet just by one wink of your loved one. (Yikes! I am again talking crap!)

Since time immemorial, I have been listening to the happiness-is-not-conditioned bullcrap but only now, have I realized the meaning. Yesterday, I crossed paths with a strong personality and she took me to a ride. She had a slip, a small piece of paper which had the answer to my tireless soul-searching venture. It wasn't a shortcut to happiness- it was a way towards happiness. Listening to others is a big mistake. Not listening to your heart is an even bigger mistake. I leave it to the reader to muse further.

Friday 19 December 2008


Motivation finds its source in strange locations. Sometimes it is as simple as an achievement or a person extraordinaire but, other times, it hides behind angst, ecstasy, hatred or just boredom. The strangest of them all, in my view, is neglect. A person neglected or feeling neglected... can get motivated. How? Let me think about the cascade reaction.......

Friday 5 December 2008

Belated dose

Well.... haven't got the time to write anything here. Been a while... blah blah blah...


So, I finally met Vinita and it all just seems like yesterday. And no, it wasn't yesterday! Life has come a full circle and I've just realized that it is an outward spiral more than a circle.... whatever that means!

I have this hunger within myself about which I am not doing anything.... It is the hunger for love, to be popular and to do what no one has done before. To rule the aisles, to reign supreme and to take the charge of my life.

The biggest obstacle in my way is that my life isn't mine anymore. Never it was but, now it is more evident. I am ruled by the people around me, the experiences that befall me... which is unavoidable for a mere mortal like me. I have a bigger goal to achieve but the trivialities of the travel keep my eyes off my goal...

More crap later.