Wednesday 18 April 2018

Studying Abroad: Pearson Test of English Academic

Studying abroad remains a lucrative option for many Indian students. Due to the quality of resources available abroad, more and more students choose to study abroad every year.

As the choices get more and more confusing, the students face many problems in their admissions and academic pursuits. Some such problems are:

1. Lack of a proper mentor.

Most students do not know where to look when they decide to move abroad. Simply thinking of studying in a particular university, in a particular country is not enough. You need to know the procedure. A lot of planning from Visa to immigration goes into the whole process.

2. Inability to decide which tests to take.
Here is an English Language Test that can be taken at any of the test centers (there are so many!) all across India. PTE Academic is also one of the most widely accepted tests for English language proficiency world over. If you are wondering which English test to take, it should be #DefinitelyPTE

3. Inability to choose course and university.
Now, it is all a question of choices. And choices need some thinking from the heart also. You need to follow your passion. You need to go after the courses that motivate your mind toward studies. And the lists of all the top universities in countries like UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are available online.

Why #DefinitelyPTE?

1. What is great about PTE Academic is that it is recognized by universities in USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Canada. It is also accepted by thousands of universities worldwide. Some of the top universities that accept Pearson Test of English Academic include: Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale. 

2. Also, within 5 business days, you will have your results right in your hands. So it will give you plenty of time to plan and apply for universities.

3. All Australian and New Zealand visa and migration applications recognize PTE Academic.

What is more?

The computer based marking system ensures that your results in English language skills like Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing are highly accurate and impartial. So, unlike other tests, there will no more be frustration and fear of bias.

You can also schedule the test merely 24 hours in advance so, all you need is the will. PTE shows you the way.

Oh and one more thing!

With PTE, you can send your results to an additional number of universities at no extra cost. As students, all we require is security and peace of mind and PTE Academic is definitely a step in that direction.

So yes, it is surely time to pick PTE Academic #DefinitelyPTE

Now you might be wondering if you have what it takes to crack the PTE. It is surely a standard test and requires preparation. Well, fret not because the PTE online test preparation kit is also available at low prices. Once you are through with your preparations, all you need to do is take the test at any of the centers. Remember, the advantage with PTE is not just that it is designed to be convenient and student friendly, it also has a lot of choices for test centers so, it is convenient for those who are worried about travel and stay.

All the best!