Thursday 18 June 2009

Fist of Twate.

What is a twist of fate? What is a swing of mood? Are we as illogical as we think, to believe in such things. Lightening strikes and we are happy again? I have started to believe in this crap, I guess. It just strikes. If you believe in falling in love, you should believe in falling out of it. It's funny. It's a wrestling thing. You lose, you win... but you play.

And just like in cricket or any other sport, there are no set champions. A long reigning champ falls on his face, flat! And an underdog pounces to the spot of a top cat! Well, that's heavy stuff. I am here to talk about me. I have not been feeling quite cheerful of late. I thought of romanticizing my situation, saying I may have lost my smile. Well... ! Turns out, even in my most dull days, a silver lining streaks across the mental clouding every now and then.

No mood is permanent. No matter what the etiology.