Thursday 25 October 2012

Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti: Drawing parallels.

What a sad week this has been- we have lost two stalwarts; one who stood for chiffon sarees and all things good and the other who showcased the simple cotton sarees and all things that weren't so right. Both had different influences on the tired, spent commoner who came home after daylong struggles in government offices.

Yash's movies sent him to sleep, caressing his hair, singing sweet lullabies, sending him to the sweet utopian world of romance and perfection where other worldly problems took a backseat. Jas's shows woke him and shook him up, they made him realize that the suffering is not meant to go on forever, someone's got to raise a voice. That's not to say that Yash's world was escapist, he helped the common man survive. He gave him faith and will. Maybe I am romanticizing the scenario but if Jaspal Bhatti was the torch, Yash Chopra was the flame; both of them had contributed in lighting up our world.

It is ironic how both of them died a common man's death. Final adieu to the uncommon common men.