Tuesday 20 December 2011

First Date

It's said often,
and isn't so wrong.
First impressions,
do last long.
Should I buy balloons,
or sing her a song?
Shave that beard,
or grow it long?
Puzzled, baffled,
Been thinking all along.

Pretend a little,
or keep it simple?
Keep asking questions,
or compliment her dimple?

'tis difficult for me,
I am breaking a sweat.
And that too when,
we haven't even met.

Does she like chivalry?
should I pull her the chair.
Or should I treat her as equal,
and leave it there?

Should I flirt with her,
let her know my plan?
Or be like a friend?
more of a gentleman.

The way I am fussing,
is she tense too?
Am I the guy,
she is trying to woo?

I met her in a bus,
she was running late.
Was this meeting of chance,
our collective fate?

Overdressed, underdressed,
what is the middle path?
Thinking of what to wear,
I spent hours in the bath.

The first glance,
The first talk,
it's things like these.
When I wish,
when I pray,
that this moment could freeze.
She smiled,
came closer,
Oh! the gently flowing breeze.
My heart raced,
My veins froze,
I realised
You can't plan things like these.

The Albatross Story Retold

A wedding invitation,
a winter wedding.
all excited, to which
I was heading.

An old sailor,
a grumpy old man.
Held my hand,
like an insane.

I said "let go",
sir, I am in a hurry.
The naan will be over,
along with the curry.

He was firm, said
he had a story to tell.
"Sir leave me alone,
please go to hell."

He insisted,
with a knife in his hand.
I immediately agreed,
'twas a magic wand.

"Once upon a time,
I set sail in a ship,
It was a time,
when I was young and hip"

"We went in the ocean,
to the north pole.
It was a time,
before the ozone hole.

An albatross flew,
leading our way,
cutting across winds,
and clouds so grey.

It flew tirelessly,
was a good luck charm.
Until one day,
along came a storm."

The story of this sailor,
bored me to hell.
But he was a lunatic,
so, oh well!

"The albatross was tired,
it had no where to go.
It landed on the deck,
in real slow-mo.

Storm went away,
the albatross won.
The sailors were happy,
the party was on!

We came back alive,
the albatross flew.
With the joy and cheer,
and the happiness new.

But little did we know,
that wicked albatross.
It came with me,
chasing all across.

It wanted a gift,
or something in return.
For the favors it did,
it wanted to earn.

Now it hangs around
the neckline of mine.
I won't call it albatross,
for it really is a swine!!"

"Sir", I said, "the feast is over,
and so is the toast.
Let's take that albatross,
And put it to roast."