Monday 14 August 2017

App Review: Opentalk

In an era where texting has taken over everything and people treat phone calls as emergencies, OpenTalk - the app has brought in an interesting concept. It is an app that you can use to talk to anyone based on place, hobby, interest, career, work or just to make general conversations. There are also categories for relationships and improving English.

I think improving spoken English is one goal that can be attained through this app and its innovation. The interface is neat with a white and blue background. The 'Talk Now' button is enticing to press and once you begin the conversation, there is nothing stopping you from crossing the levels and attaining points. The reward system brings a nice sense of accomplishment and keeps you going. It is a nice touch. Your levels indicate how smooth a talker you are and the app would especially be useful to extroverts (and introverts who otherwise do not pick up the phone).

Once it shows you that it is connecting to another member, the old school ringtone starts playing which is a bit loud. I think the developers could look into this and arrange for a mellower tune. You also do not get to choose the kind of person who you want to talk to and that can be a big put off because sometimes there is just not enough chemistry to keep the talk going.

Of course, it is not about long calls and phone etiquette. It is the thrill of this whole thing that keeps the app going. Possible misuse of this app should be curbed by a "Call Record" feature.

While dialing, the app shows the city and country of the caller which is helpful but it takes away a few questions that one would have otherwise asked like, 'Where city are you from? Which country?' So, the app could benefit from removing the map feature or making it optional.

So above is an article about the pros and cons of this app. You can download it on Google Play store here and Apple iTunes store here

Hope you have a good talk.