Thursday 25 September 2008


Well, regular doses haven't been regular ever since I came back to Davangere... heh! Anyway, here's a quick update on what I have been like in the past few days.

Second year comes bundled with more practical classes than I could ever imagine in first year. I am lagging back, pushing myself (Well, not really!) to match up! My digits are trying hard to catch up with this race of index fingers and thumbs working meticulously on wax blocks, extracted teeth etc. This gets boring at times but, when it starts getting reeeeeely boring, something laughable, amusing happens to keep the spirits alive. If there is God, this balancing act is the strongest indication of His presence.

Mom's b'day jus' passed.... I sent her a very special card telling her how special she is for me.... she liked it. Grandma (Dadi) has caught herpes. She will fight back, I know. But God! Why her!?

I am in a dilemma of my own kind. Can't even talk to myself about it.... You might think what the hell I am talking about.... Well, it is just that there's one friend who's more than a friend for me but, I think the vice versa is not true and even if it is....... I don't know what it is! Blah!

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  1. heya!

    don't lose hope..maybe u should try being upfront with her

    keep trying for that gal
    and i completely understand ur confusion


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