Monday, 5 January 2009

First Post Of The Year 2009 (with a story to tell.)

Let me begin by wishing the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of my fans all across the world a very happy new year. Breathe in, deep... deeper... deeper still!!

Wait for it!
Wait for it!

Now breathe out...

How does it smell? How does it taste? The new air of the new year.... filled with same old crap!! Terror, plunging economy, falling standards- nothing changes...

Nothing changes if you don't want it to. Just before 2008 was leaving, saying its good-byes, it asked me to close my eyes, and from its tightly clenched fists slipped a feathery note. It had a picture of a key. A pretty, slightly obese, highly independent and oh... so... effervescent key. She showed me the way... to unlock... wait for it, wait for it....

"the lock"

Yes, the lock. The lock that couldn't be unlocked even with a thousand good deeds or a million fake smiles. It was the lock which safeguarded the doors. The doors with no creeks, no squeaks.... the doors almost invisible. Doors that are now within your reach and now they are not. Sometimes you ram your head so hard on them that you start bleeding from within. The doors to happiness, they were.

Ehh... excuse mua for the use of such colourful language. Anyway....

I had almost forgotten how to be happy in the past six months or so. A joke coming from someone would undergo a thorough scrutiny before reaching my funny bone. She helped rediscover myself. I dedicate this story to my key-

Once upon a time, there lived a town. Yes, lived. It had a living, breathing soul. An active spirit to keep its denizens cheery... (Arrgh! Gotta Go... will come back sooner than possible)

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  1. Oh, man
    Get my interest and then leave...I won't mention an analogy for that one.
    I'll be checking back for the continuation.
    PS-Artemis Duplicate aka threeicys


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