Thursday 18 June 2009

Fist of Twate.

What is a twist of fate? What is a swing of mood? Are we as illogical as we think, to believe in such things. Lightening strikes and we are happy again? I have started to believe in this crap, I guess. It just strikes. If you believe in falling in love, you should believe in falling out of it. It's funny. It's a wrestling thing. You lose, you win... but you play.

And just like in cricket or any other sport, there are no set champions. A long reigning champ falls on his face, flat! And an underdog pounces to the spot of a top cat! Well, that's heavy stuff. I am here to talk about me. I have not been feeling quite cheerful of late. I thought of romanticizing my situation, saying I may have lost my smile. Well... ! Turns out, even in my most dull days, a silver lining streaks across the mental clouding every now and then.

No mood is permanent. No matter what the etiology.

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  1. Speaking of moods in general, i'd like to share an extract from 'Insomnia'-Stephen King:

    "Ralph found himself remembering times in his life when he'd hit the emotional equivalent of a cold spot while swimming or clear air turbulence while flying. You'd be cruising along through your day, sometimes feeling great, sometimes just feeling okay, but getting along and getting it done..and then, for no apparent reason at all, you'd go down in flames and crash. A sense of 'What the hell's the use' would slide over you-unconnected to any real event in your life at the moment but incredibly powerful all the same-and you felt like simply creeping back to bed and pulling the covers up over your head"

    Change of mood/twist of fate..oh yes! depends on how you take it.

    i recall you adding me to your contacts on yahoo! answers and was sprung into action when my inbox said twice this month, "Abhuyada has asked a question! Do you know the answer?"
    Read some of your stuff.
    You do write well!


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