Saturday 31 October 2009


Posted in pediatric dentistry these days, children are the most lovable creatures. They are the hope that if we start from this, how bad can we get? Innocent, giggling, smiling, scared.... all very basic emotions required to spread harmony and establish an evil-fearing society.

My last patient was a chatterbox. She wouldn't just stop talking unless I put my scalers or micromotor in her mouth. She tells me her mother is also the same. Well, she just lightened up my spirit... so, I don't know about those who have to hear her out daily but, she was a delight to me.

All kinds of personalities can be seen shaping up in childhood. Some will look at you in the eyes and put their demands forward, some would be tentatively bossy. The one I grew the most sympathy toward were the shy, unnoticeable types. They would be smarter than what they are made out to be but, are labeled as "dumb" by their friends. Once you get them into talking, you can really know, whether they are the silent genius type, the selfish cunning type or maybe sometimes what their friends think is right.

God bless them all.

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