Tuesday 20 December 2011

First Date

It's said often,
and isn't so wrong.
First impressions,
do last long.
Should I buy balloons,
or sing her a song?
Shave that beard,
or grow it long?
Puzzled, baffled,
Been thinking all along.

Pretend a little,
or keep it simple?
Keep asking questions,
or compliment her dimple?

'tis difficult for me,
I am breaking a sweat.
And that too when,
we haven't even met.

Does she like chivalry?
should I pull her the chair.
Or should I treat her as equal,
and leave it there?

Should I flirt with her,
let her know my plan?
Or be like a friend?
more of a gentleman.

The way I am fussing,
is she tense too?
Am I the guy,
she is trying to woo?

I met her in a bus,
she was running late.
Was this meeting of chance,
our collective fate?

Overdressed, underdressed,
what is the middle path?
Thinking of what to wear,
I spent hours in the bath.

The first glance,
The first talk,
it's things like these.
When I wish,
when I pray,
that this moment could freeze.
She smiled,
came closer,
Oh! the gently flowing breeze.
My heart raced,
My veins froze,
I realised
You can't plan things like these.


  1. You have written very interestingly the thoughts of a young man who wants to impress a girl. I enjoyed it. Have seen the movie CHOTI SI BATH?

  2. Thank you sir, yes i've seen chhoti si baat... delightful are the ways of the young mind

  3. beautiful!!!
    and thanx for the comment on my blog!
    u reminded me i have a blog!

  4. You can't plan for sure...Lovely writing, enjoyed reading it:)

  5. wow loved it!!!! u cannot plan things like these. absolutely enjoyed the read.


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