Saturday, 9 March 2013

F?@K KNOWS Review.

Author- Shailendra Singh
Pages- 234
Publishers- Roopa
Genre- Self-help

Roopa publications have been striking a cord with the audience ever since their tryst with Chetan Bhagat. This book also goes into the club of those young, unabashed, truthful books that speak their minds without much beating around the bush. If you go by the biography of author Shailendra Singh, you'd come to know that he is a go-getter. Every go getter has a winning policy. His policy has earned him results and he has done many things from his to-do checklist in life. A list most of us give up on too early.

About the cover- 
The bright yellow with that huge F-word title is like a shout out. If you are in a conservative family, you might need to hide it from your parents. I think the title could have been a little more subtle and have still carried the point across. Anyway, the artwork is funky and makes you pick up the book.

About the book-
This book is divided into 72 chapters. The chapters are small and are like chunks of life wisdom. You might want to read them at your own pace to imbibe it all in. Yes, 72 chapters! Hours of preaching you say? This book is no yawn-fest. Why? Firstly because it's your friend. Not your teacher. As if  that wasn't evident from its cover, the book uses the F-word profusely. It's for those who have sought for happiness and have found themselves lost in the search. I, in my personal opinion, have always been skeptical about books that try to lead me somewhere. Those motivational, guides which claim to lead me to the truth become dust-collectors at the top shelf in my cupboard but not this one. This one doesn't take itself too seriously. It has its light moments. The author is not trying to seduce you to his ideas. He is subtly persuading you to win. Very subtle, it works. It works because it doesn't try too hard. But like any other self-help motivational book, it does make judgments. It does try to generalize and you might end up hating the book for slyly pointing out your follies. People who do not like too much honesty or are on a different intellectual plane might require the author to be present in physical form so that they can cross-question. Of course, that is something that can't happen unless people at Blogadda are thinking about convening a promotional conference. Anyone listening?

The book sometimes slaps you for not giving life a fair chance. I got reminded of Gerald Butler's "Ugly Truth" movie while reading the book, although of course this book doesn't totally focus on sex. For those looking for some undiscovered pearls of wisdom, or secrets of life, the secret elixir, I am sorry- there is nothing for you there. The book only tells you what a good friend would. You know the truth already but doubts, suspicion, procrastination clog your system. This book frees you of your doubts. It will help you make a decision that you wanted to make but never did because you had other stuff in mind. Think of it as a mental broom clearing away dust from your thought processes. 

The author's bio on Blogadda had a fancy line saying that he has launched the careers and "egos" of country's  biggest celebrities. Now what do you mean by launching an ego? You'll come to know when you read this book. It might be about harsh reality but it boosts your ego. We all are craving to discover some self-worth. This book helps you find that. It helps you admit that you need help and then helps you. 

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