Sunday, 21 July 2013

How to lay low in class- A few simple tips.

So, you didn't complete the assignment and dared to enter the classroom with the thought that the teacher would spare the proverbial rod and let you get spoiled? And then found yourself to be the first one among equals? The first kid he asked for assignment that is. Well, he didn't scold you but his snide remark demolished the little chance you had with the girl who sits in the next row. Here is how to avoid this situation in the future-

1. Be cool.
Nevver! Never evver should you try to lose eye contact thinking that he won't see you. That's a rookie mistake. Instead, be confident! When he takes a cursory look at the class while saying- "I hope everyone did their homework." Smile and look around with him as if you are with him, his henchman. Shrug when he looks at you. Turn pages as if you are seeing how many pages you wrote. In case he really asks you, you can act as if you brought the wrong notes but till that occasion arises, be cool brother!

2. Smile a lot
Whenever he tells a joke, he is looking for cheerleaders and groupies. Those who don't smile are on his hitlist.

3. Sit wisely
Never choose the last or the front row. Hide your face behind the guy with the turban. Incognito!

4. The stare strategy.
And now I give you- my time-tested, golden, prized possession- my stare strategy. Stare at him confidently when he is talking and as soon as his eyes start coming on you, lower your glare to your notes and pretend to take notes while nodding. He'll not dare to disturb you while you're soaking his pearls of wisdom. This one works all the time if done right.

Do let me know if you need a video demo in the comments!


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