Friday, 6 December 2013

The Law Of Maximum And Minimum

Now, I am not sure whether what I am going to say has already been covered by some great philosopher or sociologist but heck, it's my blog and I am gonna say it! This is my law and I am going to call it "The ABD theory". Hope the World calls it that too some day.

When we study capitalism, we often see the haves and have-nots but in our societies, we have many degrees of both quantifiable and intangible assets. I am here to talk about two of those categories- first is the ones who have a lot of something and second is the category of those who have only the bare minimum. My theory is that these two categories achieve the most in life. In general, mediocrity breeds mediocrity while scarcity and abundance, both give rise to excellence. Now, this theory might seem like a no-brainer without an explanation and examples. Chances are that it'll still seem a no-brainer after I am done with the post but, bear with me-

Even seen a guy with a girl and thought to yourself, "Damn! How did he score that chick?" Well, the answer lies in the desperation coefficient. Higher the shortcomings in a guy's personality, higher is his desperation coefficient. This leads to the evolution of a self-deprecating style of humour which is absolutely adorable and covertly flirtatious. Also, the "aww factor" multiplies by the exact number of times the girl's is hotness is higher than the guy. Coming to the handsome guys, they score pretty well for obvious reasons.

Another example is of financial constraint. Guys who have no money strive harder for it and are earning sooner than the ones coming from better off families. Guys with a lot of money also end up earning well as they have a certain lifestyle to maintain.

This law can be applied in many fields but the more important point of interest here is- the exceptions. If it's a rule, then how come there are so many exceptions? So many poors who remain poor, ugly guys who remain single, rich guys who are unsuccessful, handsome guys who remain unmarried? The concept lies in "desperation coefficient", fortunately or unfortunately, desperation is a sociological and relative term. If, you don't feel the scarcity, you won't work hard to overcome it. So, here is where the psychology comes into play.

In the example of an ugly guy, if he is born in a protective environment, told that he'll be fine, he'll not try anything out of the ordinary to succeed and hence, end up in the mediocre zone. Now, to be judging him for this choice would be really shallow and as a sociologist, one must stop and the result and not conclude anything.

So, I am not saying mediocrity, scarcity or abundance are rivals and one of them is a winner. They're just lifestyles and adaptations according to situations.

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