Thursday 18 September 2014

Baggout Contest- Planning a celebrity wedding

Baggout Blog Contest
So, I was invited by Baggout to write this post where I could plan my favourite celeb's wedding and I think I'll choose Thalaivar again for my hypothetical planning as I find him absolutely adorable. Check my previous post for Baggout here.

So as Rajni saar was getting married and he wanted someone to plan it for him as he was too busy keeping the Earth spinning, the rivers flowing, the wind blowing and the birds flying. He handed the task to me and trusted me to do it dutifully. Well, that is not entirely true, he told all the birds and animals to keep an eye on me and report to him in case I am found slacking or being careless. This clever move by thalaivar has kept me vigilant and dutiful as I am now scared of every dog in the colony which stares at me and every pigeon that lands on my terrace. In the pigeons' cooing, the dogs' barking, the cats' meowing, the crows' cawing all I can here is- "We're watching you! Are you doing your job well? We're watching youuu! Watchinngg youuuu!!"

This has given me several sleepless nights and finally I have found a solution to this shopping dilemma that had befallen me. A solution for all my worries, a place where I can shop with coupons and cashbacks, to the maximum of my efficiency with minimum worry as the site's amazing schemes blow my mind away.

Rajni sir cannot blame me of being too careless with the money as the site offers a wide range of discounts and offers- the site is Click here to check it out-

I set out to shop for a good sherwani first and for that I had to first check with Jabong coupons- click here which had coupons worth 1500 and upto 6% cashback. I chose a sherwani with shape-shifting features as sir, we all know can transform himself into any shape according to the demand of the scene and situation. He can even be superman so, I bought a cape with the sherwani just in case, you know.

Then I shopped for a good headgear from Baggout's range of coupons from Myntra- click here where they are offering 10.5% cashback. The cashback received by thalaiva is distributed among all the national and private banks of the world and the remaining amount is donated to charity as we all know. We chose for a Rajasthani pagdi to make thalaiva look even more royal than he already is.

We did want the groom to look modern and carry some modern gadgets with him in order to remain connected with his fans and worshipers. We went to the flipkart page click here to shop for tablets and mobiles of sir's choice. Now he can offer e-Ashirwad to his devotees during the wedding also.

And as it was Rajni sa's wedding, some advance planning is needed because as we all know, sa can look into the future and foresee any forthcoming events. We planned his honeymoon from the voucher available via on - click here and booked tickets for Switzerland on thalaiva's own airlines that he'll be gifting himself as a wedding present.

After that, the baby and the rest of sir's family life is also foreseen and planned by Rajni sir. He gave me clear instruction that he wanted the baby products from the Babyoye page of baggout click here which offered upto Rs 188 of cashback.

All this shopping and planning was done within an hour as the task was made easier and cheaper by Baggout. I went with the bill to Rajni sir and sir patted heavily on my back for such efficient job due to which I traveled around the globe and came back just in time to submit this post.


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