Thursday 30 April 2015

Defence Mechanism

When an ugly smile pours out,
and fills the cup overflowing.
When you listen to a joke,
and you laugh without knowing.

When the awkward silence,
smothers you dead.
When you cannot remember,
what you just said.

When the fangs come out,
and you want to hide.
Cute paws, cat videos,
and a smile so wide.

When there is nothing to say,
and nothing to do.
When sarcasm is not an option,
but a necessity too.

When you ex-girlfriend,
wants her stuff back.
When you feel hit,
right in the sack.

When your boyfriend thinks,
you like Finding Nemo.
And tells the World, you
know all about him too.

When you want to ask,
for a kiss or hug.
But you know she will pat you,
like a sad little pug.

When you want the career,
to take a U- turn.
But your family wants you,
to earn and earn.

You know that you,
cannot return.
And you know that your last,
was 'the one'.

All those times are when,
right in the chin, you need a kick.
All those time are when you,
feel broken, need a mechanic.

All those times you just,
need to ask yourself-
if you want to keep looking,
in your empty shelf.

Or do you want to pretend,
that you know the answer to it.
Smile is the answer,
use it as you see fit.

But careful, do not let it overflow.
Sprinkle some of that sarcasm over it too.


Don't leave without saying anything...!