Thursday 9 June 2016

Moolchand ke paranthe

As you get down from Moolchand metro station, two shops greet with almost equal fervour- Moolchand ke paranthe and Sanjay Chur chur naan. And because you have a better idea about what a paratha is, you prefer the paratha. And it is not just you, the crowd swarms over the parantha shop.

The range of paranthas available are aloo, pyaz, mix, daal, egg and gobhi. There are various rice delicacies available too and the egg gravy is delicious but, we are here to discuss paranthas. Prominent by their absence are the mooli paranthas. Mooli anyway isn't a popular parantha type for well known reasons so, we forgive the shop.

The one I like the most is the aloo-pyaz parantha. It is served with a plate of mint chutney and onions and also a sachet of Amul butter. The paranthas are not deep fried and contain just the right amount of oil. The masala sprinkled over them gives them a spicy feel. The stuffing is probably insufficient for those who are used to home-cooked thick aloo paranthas but, it still isn't a huge deal as the paranthas do retain the authentic flavour.

The success of this shop goes on to show that if you stick to the original recipe and do not mess with a classic, you can find great success. The paranthas have a rich brown colour and it is nice to see taht the cooks achieve that colour without using excess oil. The chili or spice factor is set to medium so even people who have low resistance to hot foods can give it a try.

The shop is also located at a convenient location which is also a big plus. 

The paranthas are easy to break and not chewy but crispy. The chewiness in others' preparations comes from uncooked dough. The cooks here make sure that the paranthas are cooked thoroughly. Probably using thinner layers for achieving that quickly but, that is pardonable because of the taste.

The lassi served here is thick and almost requires a spoon. It is more like Srikhand which is pretty cool. The prices are within budget and a simple aloo parantha just costs Rs 30. The size of one parantha is sufficient for lunch for one person. 

Happy Aloo Paranthas!

PS- If you want to try something else in the nearby location, there is a 'Purani Dilli Samosa' shop once you cross the Moolchand flyover and go toward Lajpat metro. The shop will be to your left.

There is also a good Bengali styled rolls shop at Moolchand metro. The Double egg masala roll is nice there.

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