Monday 3 October 2016


A fistful of fire,
and some cold ash.
Reasons to live,
and an ugly crash.

I see you there,
leaving nonchalantly.
My momentary reason,
for infinite glee.

You don't seek me,
or lovers of any type.
But I need you in
my poem, my life.

A poem that stays,
with you for a while.
A love unrequited,
A lover in exile.

This just isn't your
usual average romance.
I was sitting here, you
walked by perchance.

You were fire,
I drowned in you.
I was water,
that burned you.

We fit awkwardly,
in shallow shelves.
We will last, if at all,
from tens to twelves.

Probably in your days
and dreams,
I will be there in
your silent screams.

I will be the minute
of madness.
In your life of
moderate sadness.

I will be the coolant,
the water, the jest.
When your fire
burns the hardest.

Steam will surround you,
You'll feel a splash.
You'll remember then,
the not-so-ugly crash.

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