Friday 5 December 2008

Belated dose

Well.... haven't got the time to write anything here. Been a while... blah blah blah...


So, I finally met Vinita and it all just seems like yesterday. And no, it wasn't yesterday! Life has come a full circle and I've just realized that it is an outward spiral more than a circle.... whatever that means!

I have this hunger within myself about which I am not doing anything.... It is the hunger for love, to be popular and to do what no one has done before. To rule the aisles, to reign supreme and to take the charge of my life.

The biggest obstacle in my way is that my life isn't mine anymore. Never it was but, now it is more evident. I am ruled by the people around me, the experiences that befall me... which is unavoidable for a mere mortal like me. I have a bigger goal to achieve but the trivialities of the travel keep my eyes off my goal...

More crap later.


  1. its true.

    your life is not urs never was, is and will be.

    our life is a juxtaposition of many people and thir lives mingled together
    parents, loved ones and friends rule our life.

    hey what a verification word is 'life'


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