Saturday 27 December 2008

Note to self!

I have started viewing life and people in a different light altogether. My outlook is changing and I am so darn proud of this transition- this coming of age. Happiness is something that hides behind your skin. Some jokes that get under your skin can be brushed under the carpet just by one wink of your loved one. (Yikes! I am again talking crap!)

Since time immemorial, I have been listening to the happiness-is-not-conditioned bullcrap but only now, have I realized the meaning. Yesterday, I crossed paths with a strong personality and she took me to a ride. She had a slip, a small piece of paper which had the answer to my tireless soul-searching venture. It wasn't a shortcut to happiness- it was a way towards happiness. Listening to others is a big mistake. Not listening to your heart is an even bigger mistake. I leave it to the reader to muse further.

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