Tuesday 13 March 2012

If I could change something...

This post is for the Stayfree “Time to change” contest from Indiblogger.
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Being a cartoonist, I thought there wouldn't be a better way to raise my voice than throught my own cartoons. So, here through a few doodles of mine, I'd like to say out loud what I think shouldn't be happening in the world. 

1. I see around myself guys who treat girls as objects, downgrade them and still I see girls flocking around these "bad boys". Somehow, slowly the "gentleman" is not cool anymore. I wish girls knew better.

2. Eve-teasing is a disgrace to the society yet it is one of the commonest crimes in India. Although the laws are getting stricter but unless there is a better environment for the upbringing and better ways to inculcate good values in kids, we are going to have a hard time keeping this menace at bay.

3. Which brings me the educational system as a whole. Moral values are taught at both home and school so, it would be unfair to blame the schools totally for the loose moral fabric of the country. But, the way schools have handled their methods in the past decade of so, there has been a rapid increase in the production of parrots and donkeys in our schools. So...

4. Another thing that I'd like to change in our country is the unequal and unfair distribution of food stuff. With a rising economy such as ours, the least we can expect is the people do not die out of hunger. But alas! such is not the case. Ironically, we claim to be a country of food-lovers. I wish that...

I believe that hunger and ignorance are the root of all evil and if we succeeded in changing any of the aforementioned problems to even a slightest of bit, we could change the fortunes of this country. 


  1. Well explained through your cartoons!.You seriously a cartoonist o.O ? Thank God then I'm a cartoonist too :D kidding! 5t3

    1. Haha.. I never said I am a professional cartoonist. They are a bit "crude" as you may call them but, they (the cartoons) are my children.

  2. quite effective way of conveying your thoughts :) NICE :)


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