Sunday 4 March 2012

A politician from the SMS generation.

Recently, I had the privilege to interview a politician from the SMS generation. Sir Postit Textit holds an office in the cabinet. Excerpts-

Me- It's an honour to have you with us, sir.
Mr. Textit- Same here.

Me- Impressive election manifesto, I must say.
Mr. Textit- :-D

Me- You must have put in a lot of effort to show the public that you really care about their plight, isn't it?
Mr. Textit- :-P

Me- Precise as always. Sir, I must know- how do you plan to combat the conflict within your party?
Mr. Textit- LOL, it's np

Me- But sir, how can you LOL, recently, a few of the ministers from your party were caught indulging in drugs and beating up a policeman! They made a mockery of the law and order in the state!
Mr. Textit- LMAO!

Me- So, you're trying to say that we are a country of short term public memory and it should be no problem for you and your party?
Mr. Textit- Yup! Sup?

Me- I am fine, thank you sir. So, what is next on your agenda?
Mr. Textit- J/k LOL

Me- You mean Jammu and Kashmir? Oh yes, the valley has been home to cross border terrorism since long. We are glad that you're finally going to shift the focus to the issue.
Mr. Textit- :-)

Me- Sir, the parliament has been abuzz with the news of your party high command giving tickets to criminals and goons, what is your take on that?
Mr. Textit- tc

Me- tc? You mean their tickets should be cancelled? Why don't you address the conflict within your party first and then come to address issues of national relevance.
Mr. Textit- Hmmm...

Me- What are your views on the Lokpal bill sir?
Mr. Textit- gtg, cya l8r.

Me- ttyl sir?
Mr. Textit- Is that they way to talk to a cabinet minister? Security!! Arrest him! We are going to censor any such offensive comments hereforth.

LOL! Byeeee tc. :D


  1. wow very creatively put post
    loved the idea behind this one

    1. Thank you. Thank you. You're far too kind

  2. finally Mr. Textit spoke in the last line... :-)

    hey you've been tagged:


    1. Thank you Rahul for such an interesting tag. Get ready for a rocking reply!!


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