Thursday 26 April 2012

The Day We Really Met

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It was never going to be an ordinary day,
I forgot whether the month was June or May.

The day I realized the world is wooden,
and dreams are made of clay.

I see you smiling, dancing across the hall,
with your prince charming, giggling all the way.

My love for you was lost, I was happy for you,
but my greed for your love didn't sway.

Was it love? Perhaps I never loved you,
My mind was dirtier than an ash tray.

We had met before, with me on all fours,
behind you, pleading, wanting you to say-

Say that you love me too, with all your heart.
I wasn't sure that it was the right thing to say.

I wasn't sure whether I loved you or not,
but I wanted you to say it anyway.

That was earlier, me wooing you,
you unsure, and this is today.

I can handle seeing you with someone else,
I have feelings but, I can keep them at bay.

I no longer struggle, to tell you something,
in my battle with my heart, I can have my way.

I've grown stronger? No, that's not the case,
you've not been listening carefully,
I fought my heart, it had a metal sword,
but, my sword was made of fickle, frail, clay!


  1. I liked these lines the most"Was it love? Perhaps I never loved you,
    My mind was dirtier than an ash tray"...a nice poem, Abhyudaya:)

  2. very nice poem.

  3. Enjoyed the journey your words took me on. Well done and best of luck in the competiton.


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