Thursday 5 April 2012

Time to remove that price-tag from that smile.

What I'd change,
if I had a chance?
Isn't it evident,
in just a glance?

My eyes will,
tell you the tale.
Follow them,
it's a track of rail.

I see things,
I hear them.
I live around,
and near them.

I breathe deep,
close my eyes.
I wish you'd,
break the ice.

You choose not,
to speak again.
No worries buddy,
I'll take the pain.

What I'd change,
is a thing small,
it's inconspicuous,
like a hole in the wall.

What I'd change,
if I had the chance-
is your face when,
you give me a glance.

I wish that you
smiled more.
I wish you knew, for me,
what it meant for.

It meant that you,
and I, were together.
It meant that everything,
was going to be better.

It meant that if,
I fell on the ground.
If tragedy struck,
things will come around.

It meant that,
you meant well.
It meant that,
oh! well!

How do I tell!

How to explain,
you what it means.
A smile justifies,
your evil means.

Over my place,
we smiled more.
We did mistakes,
and laughed some more.

All is forgiven,
when you let it out.
Those cheeky eyes,
a slight pout.

It seems today,
that there's a price tag.
People smile half of,
the amount they nag.

Smiling costs for,
a loss of time.
The smile-receiver may,
even ask for a dime.

We are afraid to
give and receive smiles.
We aren't kids now,
who the hell smiles?

I wish I could change that. I wish we smiled more often. I wish the warmth of human relations came back. The sense of us all human beings belonging to the same family, the same big family.

This post was written for Indiblogger's contest for Stayfree India

I sincerely hope that after reading this, you pass a smile to a total stranger.


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