Wednesday 2 May 2012

The Power Of Fun

The following entry has been written for the "Internet is fun" contest by Vodafone and Indiblogger. Check out a whole new world of fun at-

I still remember the day when I got my first multimedia phone. It was a Nokia N70. My world hasn't been the same ever since. There are so many ways to make life vivid and fun when you have an internet connection and a multimedia phone to keep you connected, wherever and whenever.

1. The Zoozoi Story (inspired from the Vodafone zoozoos)

                          (Above Images Courtesy- Google Image Search on "Vodafone Zoozoos")
                                                   (Find the zoozoo ads here- TV ads)
Being a dentist, I get to play with a lot of cool materials. I carved out a zoozoo of my own from the acrylic we use to make the dentures. Using my phone, I used to update regarding my zoozoo on my Facebook Profile. It was super mad fun. I had named him Zoozoi. Slowly from a cute little thing, when did it snowballed into a "whodunnit" murder mystery.. only God knows!

Here is a photo of the first upload from my mobile of my small little creation-
Initial comments included praises, curiosity and even death threats to my Zoozooi!

 A few days later, the zoozoo was found dead under mysterious circumstances!
 When I started having fun with it, even my friends joined in! It was like a small Whodunnit spoof that I had started on Facebook! 

Later on, I spiced up the fun by introducing myself as many funny characters. Such as Detective X investigating the murder case!

                       Professor Troi Troi who autopsied Zoozoi and found some vital clues in the case!

 Later on, professor Troi- troi was found dead in the lab. And the mystery tangled furthermore!

Later on, mystery deepened when false rumours regarding Zoozoi's comeback were raised!

As you can see above, even the news reader was shot dead!

I went on to destroy the plot with way too many twists and turns and later on had to just give up on it, but my point is, I had fun! Wild, unadulterated fun! Many people who I had lost touch with, joined in and shared a good laugh. That's what internet can do! It can bring people together. It encourages everyone to chip in because no one here is a stranger!

 2. Expressing the artist within!

I had a talent for drawing cartoons but not many knew about it since I couldn't sell myself well enough. Moreover, I didn't know how to reach out and be seen. Internet again gave me all the "power of fun" and I was introduced to a whole new world of blogging. Now, I could draw, scribble anything and take a photo of it from my mobile and e-mail it to my blog (It's a blogger feature) and in minutes it would get published and garner response with the help of portals like indiblogger. I now blog regularly at my Toon blog- "Creaky noises doors make" and people from all over India and world can "hear" me now. It's pure bliss. Here are a few cartoons that I have uploaded on my blog!
                                                       Cartoon No. 1

Cartoon No. 2

3. Fun with Videos!

 Posting videos on YouTube and Facebook was never so easy. Now, I can, with just one click from my mobile, upload and share fun videos!

1. Here's a video of my hurting your musical sensibilities from my didi's wedding!

2. Here's a video that takes me back to the nostalgia of my first years days in college when we used to celebrate birthdays in hostel (The deadly birthday bumps! Only hostelers will "get" it)

3. Here is my lamest and first video that I ever posted on the internet. What was rocket science back then, looks so easy today.

4. ...And the fun never stops!!

From the constant chatter on twitter (handle: _A_B_D_) to the ease of checking live cricket scores on Vodafone, the possibilities are endless. Not an avid gamer, I have had my share of killing time with Angry Birds though!

5. Meeting new people!

 And now coming to the most fascinating aspect of internet! Yes! It's the people! Yesterday, I read a blog of a teenage girl who is physically disabled and has the zeal to overcome her fears by making them her strengths. Inspired!

On twitter, there are so many funny and witty people that I am at my wit's end just reading their tweets! 

There is so much anger, so much love, so much hope, so much noise in this calm ocean called the internet!
 Events like the one that happened at the Tahrir Square bring that power to the fore.

Here's more power to wit,
more power to will,
more power to the will to have your way!
more power to the will to have fun!
More power to the internet!
And even more power...

To You! To Us!


  1. hey nice post :) here look at this one and all the best :)

  2. A good post I must say..well, I have my own Zoozoo story too.Its a wonder that we thought of writing about Zoozoo in this contest..Yes! I promoted you.All the best :)

    1. Thanks Uma! Yes, it's so wonderful and best of luck to you too


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