Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Art Of Silent Treatment.

Many times in your life, people will step on your toes and since they'll be close to you, you wouldn't vent your anger by means of a shriek. You'll stifle your primal instinct to curse and try to act as if nothing happened. It's not good though. Studies have shown that repressed anger is the worst form of anger. Studies that I've conducted on myself; but nonetheless, we all know repression can never be healthy. A healthier option is giving them a "silent treatment". It's good because you're not directly hurting anyone and when asked you can always hurl, "Oh! It's not you, I just have a little headache." and other various motley excuses at the opposing party.

So, without much further ado, let me teach you the art and craft of silent treatment.

1. Always smile.
Smiling at others but not at them lets the message out that you're not mad in general, just mad at something that they did. Also, it shows that you're a jolly person and they're missing out on all the fun they could have had with you. Do not overdo it though, you might not want to look creepy.

2. No direct eye-contact.
Eyes are windows to the soul. Close the windows, shut all doors, draw the curtains. Here is a simple exercise- a) Say something funny. b) Look around and laugh. c) Wink, smile and show that you share a great camaraderie with everyone else, d) Strategically miss them while looking around, it will make them feel like they do not exist.

3. When you're doing all this, make sure there are more people around you, talking to you, than them.
Otherwise the joke is on you!

4. Be nice.
This is a subtle move. You're nice to strangers, you do not hate strangers. Hence, be nice, at least act nice.

5. Group Ignore.
Sometimes life presents you a tricky situation where you have to give silent treatment to a group of people because they're all morons, and it's a proven fact that morons prefer company of other morons. In such cases, choose the friendliest, yet most hated member of that group to convey anything you have to convey. That ought to ruffle a few feathers.

All of this information is given keeping in mind that you're a nice guy and wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose. Use it wisely.


  1. You may also be interested in the tactic of shunning: and

  2. Interesting...Women like those in your angry birds cartoons are quite good at all that you say ha ha :)

  3. LOL, will try this sometime:)

    1. :-) Only when you really need it, remember.

  4. Haha.:D it is really needed sometimes! :)


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