Tuesday 31 July 2012

Why I hate Sneha Khanwalkar. (With an Oops!)

Yes, that pretty dame who goes around with her thing that she calls music; I hate her with a vengeance. I mean how could she just walk in and declare that she has arrived?! Get this straight, lady, girls don't make music! Men write the lyrics on women, music that is about the beauty of women, about the way she walks, she smiles etc., men write the music as well as the rules of the society! It irks me that you do not understand that!

Moreover, how could you take inspiration from local artists and music genres? Are we idiots to ape the west and revel to the beats of jazz, trance and rock? What bizarre instruments do I hear playing in your songs? What are those? You make music from the thump of a fist on a table, the vocal cords of a street artist vibrating at full throttle, buses honking horns, people chatting, phone ringing? Jesus Christ! You call that creativity?

Coming to the theme of your songs. Weren't you instructed, re-instructed and repeatedly reinforced with the belief that "love" is the primal theme for any type of music? What baloney is this? You make songs about leather shoe, Womaniya, tung tung ektaara and what not! You go to Bihar, Karnataka, Punjab and try hard to bring local sounds and flavours in your pieces? Why can't you understand that music doesn't need to flow so much? Why would you even try something that no one is sure whether the audience will like? What utter disregard for the popular taste?

To over-emphasize my point, I'd like to repeat that you're a female! We do not take young, pretty girls seriously! We put them in item songs and expect nothing more than giggly gossip about make-up kits and strawberry icecreams from them. Aap kahan se aaye ho madam? Where are you from? Why should I take you seriously? Just because you're talented, should I acknowledge you?

All of the above and a million other things are the reason I LOVE Sneha Khanwalkar. Oops!


  1. well written dude..!!
    she really is an amazing talent

  2. Love sneha..... Awesomeness personified!!!!


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