Saturday 24 November 2012

Looking sharp when all eyes are on you.

This entry is a part of the Indiblogger contest Shoppers Stop- Perfect Festive Look.

Here is a link to Shoppers Stop-

A festive look is about looking your best when all the attention is on you. Festivals are about dressing well, having fun and spreading good cheer. We just celebrated Diwali and Christmas and New year's are just round the corner. 

When on Diwali it's about elegant ethnic wear with flowing stoles, New year parties are about western, sharp look. Here is what a traditional Indian festival demands from you (I'll come to Christmas, New year's too, don't worry)

1. Manish Creations- Mens Sherwani
You can never go wrong with a sherwani. A power statement like no other type of clothing. Especially suits the head of family. 
You can shop for it from the following link-
White is recommended as it is a colour for all seasons and very classy.

2. Next comes your Kurta Pyjama which can be worn during and after the pooja.
This one is also from Manish Creations.

3. A good stole will not only enhance your ethnic look, it will complete the whole ensemble. 


Coming to the New year party, I think opting for a good western outfit is the wise choice. Although the site has put up Ensemble set 1 and set 2 which are both nice, here are a few options for those who like to customize their stuff-

1. Shirt
A good formal shirt is the most important part of the ensemble. It's like the blank canvas which supports your whole look. Try not to be experimental with this. I recommend Austin-Reed Mens Full Sleeves Classic Fit Formal Structured Shirt.

2. Trousers
The trousers should be well-fitted and elegant. The flow should not be awkward and colour should be solid. Here is presenting Provogue Mens Flat-Front Formal Trousers.

3. Tie
Well, you can be a bit experimental with the tie. Not too much but you can add more colour to the ensemble through the harmless little tie. Here is what I recommend.
This gift set has it all- tie, handkerchief and cufflinks. Amazing stuff. Here is the link-

4. The Jacket
Now coming to the main event- The jacket. It can make or break your whole ensemble. I recommend this Blackberry piece-

5. Shoes and belt
Most often ignored and yet one of the most important parts of the ensemble are shoes and the belt. I recommend these from Louis Phillippe

The links- 1. Formal leather shoes
                2. Leather Belt

So, this completes the ensemble. Have fun this festive season and as my favourite VJ Anusha says- Remember to keep it classy!!

ABD out!

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  1. Initially even I've choosen the same stole as yours, but later removed it as it didn't go well with the kurta pyjama. All the best for the contest!


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