Thursday 29 November 2012

Life is like this... Tagged!!

So, C. Suresh sir had tagged me a while back and I had promised to revert. This is such a beautiful tag, it brought so many old memories back. Thank you so much for the tag!! You're too kind.

Ok, now the rules-

1.      You are tagged.
2.      You give links to posts that belong to each of the following categories
1)      Your most beautiful post.
2)      Your most popular post
3)      Your most helpful post
4)      Your most controversial post
5)      A post whose success surprised you
6)      A post that you thought did not get the attention it deserved
7)      A post which you are most proud of
3.      You select five bloggers for passing on the tag and inform them about their being tagged.

Here I go then-
1. Yes I am! :-D
2. Links- 
  1. 1) Most beautiful post- Well, I am the judge here so, I'll be partial and give this prize to one of my most "chatty" posts- Cerebral Warts
  2. 2) Most popular post- I guess this one- Angry Birds
  3. 3) Most helpful post- Well, this one is as helpful as I can get- stealing arm rests.
  4. 4) Most controversial post- Oh! Many of my political cartoons are controversial. Here is one- Kasab Dead!
  5. 5) A post whose success surprised me- Sandhi sudha
  6. 6) A post that didn't get the attention it deserved- Haha! My whole blog!
  7. 7) Post which I am proud of- A satire

Now the next step is about tagging others and I am not really good at telling people what to do. Seriously guys! So, if you're reading this and like the tag, consider yourself TAGGED!!


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