Sunday, 27 October 2013

Do Boys Gossip As Much As Girls?

With my 6 months' stay in Delhi and my earlier 5 years in Davangere, I have been exposed to many guy groups. Guys who are supposedly kool with a 'K'. I regret to inform you though that I am a bit disappointed with what I have seen and observed. I am here to bust a few myth which is going to be inconvenient but it needs to be done for the welfare of mankind in general.

Myth 1- Guys don't obsess.
This is the most untrue stereotype ever created. I have seen a guy who would have only have one single topic of conversation i.e. girls. It tired me and I slowly tried to distance myself from him, which was an awkward process. It is often said that women fixate over stuff while guys are quick to move on with low attention span. I think this guy broke all those assumptions and stereotypes. Talking about girls was funny at first, then it became slightly boring, later days, I used to sing myself a lullaby as he went on and on about how that girl was looking at that guy etc.

In their obsession, guys forget that the subject of their obsession is also a human being. Sometimes, they are too busy playing the game that they end up trying too hard. One guy I knew liked this girl. He talked to her a couple of times at a metro train station, and the other day he just adviced her to keep her hair loose because he liked them that way. Now, if that's not creepy, what is?

Myth 2- Guys are direct. They don't play mind-games.
This is such a cute lie that I want to find the person who told it first and beat him with a bat! Here is how a typical Indian guy approaches a girl- He stares at her in the commute or in college or office for a week or so. Once he attains a certain level of creepiness so much so that he cannot hold it anymore, he says 'hi' to her. It is supposed that she'd be totally fine talking to a complete stranger as if they were long lost soulmates. Now, a few days later, he asks for her phone number but wait, that's too direct! So, he actually asks for her email address/ BBM pin and presumes that a phone number would be soon given. Even if he does ask for phone number, he wraps it in language like "Hey! Do you have whatsapp?" or "Do you need my notes? You can call me if you want. My number is 98486XXXX!"

They also aren't forthright in their conversations. Their conversations are always affected by their bruised ego if God forbid the girl hasn't been giving them their required dose of attention. They want the girl to worship them. In case that fails to happen, they'd play all sorts of games like pretending that they didn't notice her, abrupting ending conversations, suddenly being rude and all other things we generally associate with feminine traits.

Myth 3- Girls don't understand these tricks.
The fact is that they do. It is like the ostrich-desert situation. Those who pretend to ignore girls think very highly of themselves while most times, the truth is that their primitive behaviour is analysed, dissected and laughed at by womenfolk at their kitty parites. We can't win with them at mind games, guys! They invented them, remember?

Myth 4- Girls like it.
Fact is-- most girls, at least the sensible ones, do not like or encourage these mind games. They deserve to be treated like human beings and not some alien species who'd find it amusing if you whistled and jeered at them. Also, the time you spend trying to come up with a plan could be well spent talking to her like a regular person. Getting to know her would make it less of a chase and more of a converation. What's more? The world will be a better place to live! At least for girls!

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