Sunday 6 October 2013

Who is reading my blog? And why?

As I see the viewership details of my blog in my blogger account, my eyes widen with a weird feeling. I get around 100-200 hits on an average per day on both my blogs and but when I view the geographical details, it seems that most of my viewers are from the United States of America. So much so that the India : US ratio is somewhere around 1:10. Now, I don't think I have those many fans in the US so chances are- I am just being snooped on by the Big Brother. Well, I think that means someone in the US is reading this post too. I tell you what, Uncle Sam, this is just a lame blog post with nothing in it about terror or anything that you MUST know to preserve your national security so stop wasting your resources on me.

Anyway, here is my "Destroy America" plan because I just can't see you guys working so hard for nothing-

 I hope to write more non-sensical stuff like this until my master in a far- far away galaxy takes notice of my work and decodes the hidden messages in my blog. That's give him the signal to come over to earth and destroy one country in particular (Yup!) and after that, I can tell him to go away through my secretly coded blogpost messages and he shall comply because he is actually a nice person at heart. After that, I can hope to no longer get 200 visits a day which do nothing more that boost my ego- which in turn would enhance my productivity and I can blog more.

There! That was my plan! Oops! Am I busted? LOL!

Wait!! I see a drone outside my window!! Eeeek!! *Runs*

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