Friday 3 January 2014

Elections, Voting and Social Apps!

This entry is for the Indiblogger contest by WeChat.

How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to vote in the 2014 Indian General Elections using social mobile apps?

Well, social mobile apps like WeChat these days have become indispensable for an urban social life. Any news spreads like wildfire and mainstream media struggles to catch up with the pace in this scenario. With this great power, comes great responsibility. With general elections round the corner, a social media app can be instrumental in mobilizing Indian youth to vote and be participative in the political proceedings. This involvement will not only help making the elections successful but create a sense of belonging and trust among the youth; there is good chance that they'll feel more connected to the government and policy-making which is a fundamental requirement of any democracy.

How these apps can achieve this? Here are a few ideas-

1. A Reminder Message on the day of election. Asking them to get "inked".

The apps can setup their programs to send a broadcast message to every member, preferably in local language.

2. A Badge to inculcate a sense of achievement among voters.

The app, can send link to a page which hosts auto-generated images that one can share on social media or use are profile images on the app itself. These images can have funny cartoons or motivational messages concerning election awareness.

3. Competitions on group chats and social media pages.
The developers can host competitions where the participants have to post and share videos or images of themselves queuing up for voting, coming out after voting. Most shared/ creative post wins some exclusive merch!

 4. The power of voting!
The app can also depict the power of voting by inviting its users to vote for the features they want most in their favourite app. The most voted features get introduced in the app's next update. (Have to be practical of course).

5. Special Election Day Button
On the day of election, the app can have a special button on its home page which when clicked, would display options like sharing a video message (maybe by a celeb) or a picture about the value of voting with their contact list. There can be points for every share. It can be made into a contest!

So, yeah, a social media app can play a lot many roles in nation-building! Hope someone is listening!!

WeChat official site- here
Indiblogger website- here.

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